Another Story from Italy, Showing This Time How Addictive This Pastime Can Be

He masturbates on the bus but no stopping He does it again

He did it again. Just as he could have been in prison if his sexual acts on bus 68 had been considered violence, as the prosecutor Andrea Padalino had asked.

Moshine Had, the 26-year-old youth of Moroccan origin, who had masturbated against a girl on line 68 in October, was charged again for an episode similar to the first. Change the bus line, this time it's 59, and victim, but the procedure would be the same. Also this time it is a young woman who was targeted by a man who masturbated and ejaculated on her. The second victim, reading the news in the newspapers, recognized Had as the man who had attacked her. «Leaving him free they gave him the possibility to do it again» states M. F., the first victim of Had.
"If he had touched her to masturbate, he would certainly have felt very different sensations from mere heat" wrote the judge for the preliminary investigations, Alessandra Cecchelli, in the provision with which she rejected the request for arrest for sexual violence and reclassified the crime as obscene acts in a public place.

A decision that baffled the girl: «For me it was mortifying. In the evening, I couldn't stop crying. I have his face stamped in my memory. And I even think I've seen him around again," she said. The woman also speaks of the indifference of the other passengers: "Whoever was there must have seen everything. And they didn't say anything" .

Now she turned to the lawyer, Gian Mario Ramondini, because after the complaint she had no more news, and only from the newspapers did she discover that the man had been found, but also left free: "This guy had stuck to me . I was afraid he was going to steal my bag, I moved, I pressed myself against the window and he didn't let go of me for a second. I was terrified. When he came down I felt some heat on my leg, I kept feeling that he was touching me. I ran a hand over my pants and I understood," she remembers today. Yet the investigating judge ruled: "It therefore appears difficult to quantify the gesture as sexual violence and not rather as an obscene act," A gesture that he repeated at the end of July. This time the prosecutor, Patrizia Gambardella, is dealing with the case. At the moment the report of the new victim has been collected and investigators are considering how to move. In fact, it is not excluded that in the coming weeks a new request for a precautionary measure, again for sexual violence, against Had will be presented. Even if the arrest of the youth was not requested, the orientation of the prosecutor is to always investigate him for sexual violence, as the prosecutor, Andrea Padalino is also doing, regarding the first case that ended up in the controversy for the decision of the investigating judge. . It remains to be seen whether, after all this hype, Had, who is homeless, would not prefer to disappear.

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