The State of the Game in Rome, Italy (Story from an Italian Newspaper)

Mano morta the bus for the Supreme Court is sexual violence [Mano morta is a groping technique explained in the article.]

From now on, it will no longer be possible to distinguish between a mano morta "dead hand" and sexual violence. For the Supreme Court, in fact, to leave the hand dangling with the aim of placing it with (often poorly concealed) nonchalance against the private parts of others has the same gravity as groping. The judges, re-examining an old case, had no doubts: yesterday the judges of the third penal section confirmed the sentence against a 57-year-old accused of molesting a woman on board the bus . The maniac had squeezed between the passengers, had chosen his prey and then had positioned himself so as to be able to rub his pelvis against the victim's backside, also taking advantage of the usual "game" of hands. In short, according to the Supreme Court, he forced the girl to suffer "sexual violence".

The condemned man, however, was not alone. He was backed by an accomplice. To satisfy voyeuristic inclinations or, perhaps, to facilitate escape in case of danger. Even the colleague in obscene acts was promptly dealt with by the Supreme Court: he had filed an appeal, complaining about the "lack or manifest illogic of the motivation". In response, a triple sentence has arrived: in addition to having to answer for collusion in sexual violence, the man will have to bear the costs of the trial and pay 2 thousand euros in fines.

The sentence, a precedent that can apply all other women victims of similar attention, is due to the courage of the woman groped. Instead of getting off at the first stop and letting it go, he decided to go to law enforcement and report it. First the court in November 2009, then the Court of Appeal in September 2015 had proved her right. Now the third victory has also arrived. To fully know the effects of her counterattack, unexpected for the two attackers, the woman will have to wait a little longer. The extent of the sentence is not specified in the ruling. However, it will not be light. The criminal code punishes sexual violence with imprisonment from five to ten years, with a discount of no more than two thirds in cases of lesser seriousness. Even if you want to apply all possible mitigating circumstances, the final response will not be light.

Then the "dead hands" of all of Rome tremble. Picking up the previous ones, they have an average age of 38 and to get into action they mainly choose the buses of the historic center, with a certain preference for the 64 line between Termini station and San Pietro. Thus, as the officers of the central company and the policemen of the commissariats of the first town hall have discovered by dint of interventions, tourists and university students in particular end up in the crosshairs. Not just on board buses and coaches. On the subway, in the office, even at the traffic lights waiting for the green light: the police can say that they have really seen them all.

One arrest after another, plainclothes officers and soldiers of the Army wrote down all the tricks of the abusers, discovering cameras expertly installed on shoes to film women under skirts, false casts to try to justify various rubbings and pockets with a hole to masturbate in secret with the hand not engaged in groping. Now, with the ruling of the Cassation, the hope is that the cases will decrease.

Passengers on line 64 are often spectators or victims of harassment: especially the tourists who crowd this vehicle to go from the Center to San Pietro

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