70 Year Old Humper (Story from a Spanish Newspaper)

Members of the National Police Corps of the Burgos Police Station detained a 70-year-old man, whose initials are EMM, from Burgos, as the perpetrator of an alleged crime of sexual abuse of young students, whom he rubbed his genital organs against for sexual purposes on the journey of a city bus, according to police sources reported this Monday.

The National Police had learned that, in certain groups of different social networks linked to students of the University of Burgos (UBU), an alert had been launched that a male was accessing line 02 of the urban buses, between «Hospital University-Carretera de Arcos »and he approached the girls, rubbing himself against them, getting to masturbate on some of the occasions.

With the information provided by the complainants to the agents of the Provincial Police Station, it was determined that it could be the same perpetrator in all the events. This man approached the girls and after reaching into his pants, he approached them rubbing his genital area against the women's legs.

When the young women became aware of this maneuver, they retired to another area of ​​the bus, unpleasantly surprised by the attitude of that person, but were discrete because it was an older person who they thought might have some kind of disability. But the aggressor, far from leaving his attitude, turned to approach them again and stared at them, intimidating them. In some cases, they specified, this attitude caused some of the young women to get off the bus prematurely, without having reached their destination due to their state of nervousness.

One of the victims had detected in an Instagram group, made up of university students, several publications in which other women recounted their same experience, from which she assumed that the aggressor's conduct was totally intentional; most of the posts stated that an elderly man approached women with the aim of rubbing his genitals on them for sexual purposes.

The National Police managed to identify and arrest E.M.M. as the perpetrator of an alleged crime of sexual abuse, being recognized, without any doubt, by the victims. The man did not present any type of disability and had a history of similar events. His possible participation in similar events not yet formally reported by the victims is being investigated. E.M.M. was made available to the judicial authority.

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