NarfLarf Halloween Festival and FUCK COVİD

I dont get it?????

How the hell is there a Halloween festival in....... NEW YORK....... during Covid???????????

Are you sure that's not the festival that they say is canceled and you have to watch at home from TV?????

I researched festivals out there and I see events but NO FESTIVALS.

And if there is an actual festival, to believe they won't enforce social distancing is NUTTS.

They may as well end this Covid bullshit and let everything resume to NORMAL, that's how I'm fucking feeling right now.

Sooooo much shit other than Chikan has been ruined this year because of this covid fuck shit.

Theres this festival thats anime/game based that supposed to go down right now that has some of the baddest thick nerd bitchs who dress in skimpy slut cosplay, bare ass revealed and all thats supposed to be popping right now but Covid has it fucking canceled dude. 😫😩😖😭

I would get gropes, feels, chikan rides on ass all that at this event, they even have a concert their in the DARK where you could get your ride on and dances from bitches in their cosplay costumes.


I'm so pissed but it's shit I can do.

I may get back on the road again and find strip clubs that are open in certain states and catch some light action there, where I'm at now all 3 prime cities night life is still shut down (L.A., Vegas, Phoenix) but
I've noticed from IG booty models that they've reopened in Texas which isn't too far and some bitch posted about the strip club she works at in New Orleans is reopening next week.

Man covid has me drained for all the fun missed out this year.

Vegas fucking sucked, Miami was good before the bullshit started then it started fucking sucking, and currently most of everything is shit...let's hope the numbers of cases go down and we get some normalcy here in the states.

I've been hearing the U.K. has had festivals recently, but dont know how true that is unless uk members of the board can let us know an update.

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