Encoxada (Warning: their stories might be fake)

To all the Chikans of London. I read some of your stories about how you guys got successful during this crisis we are going through with the covid-19 situation. And I'm like thinking how is it even possible that these guys are still getting some action? The London Underground trains are no where close to being busy like before even during the rush hour, the bus drivers would only allow a maximum of 14 passengers on the bus and 30 on a double decker bus and nightclubs as far as I know are still closed. So how is it even possible that you can even get some action? If you guys were mentioning about the success you of got at the "black lives matters" protests or any other protest that was going on ever now and then, then fair play. However Im reading recent stories buses and trains success which I'm not too convinced about especially with this pandemic going on.

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