Big T - Mentally Challenged

I have been reading stories on this website for a couple of years now but decided to contribute today. I think I know who Big T is and who he is referring to. I have been to premieres as well and have also enjoyed the lady. It must be said that I did not know if she had any issues. She seemed ok but I think she has autism or some minor mental disorder. I have four short clips of her grinding on me while I was grabbing her ass. I also have a short clip of two other chikans taking turns on her.
Trust me, what Big T wrote are facts, not fiction.
We were once assigned different sections at a premiere, when she saw me, she asked security to let her into my section. She came and stood right infront of me. She had on a big jacket covering her leggings. I asked her to take off the jacket which she did to my surprise, revealing her soft ass in black leggings. She let me dig deep into her crack without saying a word, while moving up and down to feel my length. She later excused herself to go to the toilet at a nearby restaurant. I am not sure if she wanted to finish herself off or what.

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