Thats Another One

That's another commonly cheap cheap knock off one bro.

The real one is a red holographic one that says "69" and "extreme" on it like this picture:

I hear some companies take the package and put their own knock off pill in there or supposedly it can become weakened over time.

I first got mines at a easterner mom n pop type owned small convience store and the effects were retarded good lol.

Later when they ran out they ordered some new shit that looked like the original package, worked, but were inferior according to the 1st packs I had before they ran out so I figured out at certain stores it's trial and error to figure out which ones have the legit ones.

Like I said in the ghetto near a strip club I bought one and it worked but not how they supposed to work, maybe it was old or some one repackaged their own bullshit pill in their, but later I got one from a store where the easternmost generate a lot of money in that areas convenient store location and when that shit kicked in IT WAS LIKE the ORIGINAL ONE I FIRST tried a FEW YEARS AGO.

I could fuck a bitch, bust one, and won't even get SOFT and that effect lasts for 7 to 8 days which to me is better than viagra that makes you stay hard for hours but then you have to pop another one thd next day.

With that rhino 50k it lasts a whole damn week and works very similar to viagra, ...if you are lucky enough to find the legit one that is which can be a pain in the ass so to speak for the aforementioned stressed reasons.

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