Excellent Encounter (WARNING: she may be 16 years old)

A few weeks ago, I enjoyed one of my best ever experiences with a schoolgirl when I rubbed myself against the back of one of them and came as she sat in the bus. She was about 16 years old (the legal age) and light-skinned with a prominent nose. My willing target was not very tall, but she had wide hips and thick legs. She was not plump, but she had a good, womanly figure, and that is one of the reasons why I put her in the category of one of my supreme schoolgirl humpings.

The chase began at the bus station when I boarded a vehicle going to the South-east of the island. There was no one on this bus I wanted to go with so I got off again, and then got on a bus bound for the East. I thought that this vehicle would offer good prospects because I saw many schoolgirls boarding it.

Once on board the East bound bus, I immediately chose a schoolgirl from one of our newer institutions as my target. She was sitting next to a female schoolmate. My target actually got things started when she made contact with my member with her shoulder and arm. Maybe this was accidental, but she did it twice, so it could have been deliberate. Once the bus moved off, I started to press my erection into her right shoulder. She did not respond to this so I began to press home, going for orgasm, but at that point, the conductor started to collect the fares, so I withdrew until he completed his task.

After I resumed, my partner looked behind her to see if anyone had noticed what was happening. This is a classic sign of willingness that some women exhibit. It meant that she wanted to yield to me, but wanted to reassure herself that there were no witnesses. After she made that gesture, I knew that she was mine.

By this time I was pressing my erection into her back, because the schoolmate sitting next to her was showing her something on her tablet, so my partner had turned herself around in her seat, presenting her back to me. I continued to hump her until I arrived at an intense orgasm. After I ejaculated, I saw her carefully examining my pants, so she knew that I had come.

I stayed on the vehicle to see her get off, and it was then that I discovered what an excellent figure she had, and, as I said already, it was this finding that made me conclude that this was one of my best ever schoolgirl experiences.

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