Wrong Ones Narflarf

Those aren't the rhino 50k we're talking about.
That's a very cheap very inferior weak very obvious knock off brand.
The real brand has that holographic material on the package and its 50k never 6k or 60k; but I'll be honest I had rhino 50k in the holographic package that worked but then I had rhino 50k in the holographic package that either was the real deal or was a fresh batch or something and it worked like 777% with crazy ads results.

I do believe that either some packs probably lose potency or bootleggers can mimick packages good and put their own version which kind of work or dont work at all.

I.e. earlier this year I bought one close to a strip club and it worked but not like how a real one is supposed to...it was in the correct looking package and all.

Then I bought one from a Indian store which indians are known for having the real deal ones a lot of the time and it WORKED MONSTEROUSLY.

Also to not so old chikan, I used the original Extenze pills years ago and the original Extenze pills formula recently.

Years ago the Extenze pills didn't make me horny it just increased my girth.

I tried it recently and it didn't increase my girth but something unique occurred none the less; I took one pill every morning for 4-5 days and didn't bust for probably maybe a week or so prior meaning I probably didn't get my rocks of atleast 2 or 3 days before I started taking the recent formula Extenze pills so I basically was retaining my baby batter for close to a week if not a little over.

Man I didn't see any difference in my girth as I saw years ago, but the libido was NO HOMO, a retarded like insane throbbing one.
When I finally got my rocks off I shot ropes, and it burst out, which that only happens when I dont get my rocks off for a very long time otherwise it'll pour out usually.

So if you want to shoot ropes and be able to shoot in general I understand that you have to go without getting your rocks off for a while.
By experience and recommendation I noticed that "edging" works to shoot off far as well too.

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