Everyone who commented on PE topic.thanks

There are situations when you spot a million dollar booty but the crowd is just not there. My PE comes handy in such scenarios. I stand behind close but separate and in 2,3 minutes I get excited but still standing separately, then I brush slightly, I get more excited now, I plant my semi erect gently on either of the bums. I remain there for few seconds. In next one minute I am oozing out gallons on the booty. Overall, in 2 minutes I am done. 2 minutes is too short a time to be noticed, I guess. However, there were situations when my PE let me unload my gallons saved for days on 3/10 booty when I had no intention of climaxing and that way I lost the opportunity to climax on a 7/10 booty spotted later.
But yes, I am relatively in a safer situation as my little Johnny has learned to take care of itself and does not need beating on the ass to cum. Just need to teach him which booty are worthy of wet humping and which are worthy of only dry humping.
I have been experimenting a lot with the food and natural source of supplements. 9 years ago, I had tried this. For three days, I ate white sesame seeds, roasted pumpkin seeds, dried sunflower seeds. I ate around 0.25 kg in those 3 days. I also ate one raw egg every morning. I had a earthquake like climax. I came 3 times in one go. I thought i had found a golden formula of big explosive cum but strangely I never experienced that again. I tried the same formula but don't know why it happened for the first time only.

P.S I had developed nausea and bad stomach later and did not try it again for next 7,8 months.

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