Michela (again!)

Another pic of Michela from last year after she had just got home after being molested on the bus. I asked her to write an account of what happened to her that day but she say's that she's too shy. And it's a shame because she's been on the receiving end of quite a lot of groping experiences, usually on buses and one on a long distance night train. Maybe someone can convince her to write them down and publish them, because I haven't been able to! Anyway since she posted here a few days ago she has spoken to a couple of you and she likes it, so if you want to contact her, she's on Twitter https://twitter.com/Michela19801 (her profile will give you an idea of what kind of girl she is!) and her email is mickybertelli@mail.com
If you want to know more about Michela and prefer to write to me instead, my email is london1047@mail.com

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