Re: Old but curious

I've talked about this before but I'll share my experience again. I'm a diabetic, and it's common knowledge that diabetes affect erections. I went through some years, even while still chikanning where I had problems keeping a stiff one throughout my time at festivals. Not anymore! Rhino 50k is one reason. But I find them to be tricky, so here's what I do to make sure they work. Take them on an empty stomach and forget about drinking alcohol. Drink ALOT of water, and to keep from getting headaches (which those type of supplements are notoriously known for) take a few aspirin along with it. Although there are no festivals in my area for the foreseeable future (or anywhere else I guess).you'll have success. I took one a few years back and worked a whole 3 day weekend festival successfully. Another good combo is zinc and L-arginine. Take those regularly leading up to chikan outings and they work almost as good as viagra.

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