Not too Old But Curious

Hey dude 37 isn't old, I know dudes old as hell who still get boners and smash bitches i.e. my 80 year old grandpa (shit you not).
It all really depends how you take care of yourself; fitness, what you eat and what supplements you take.

Theres a lot of natural supplements that make you horny BTW I prefer Rhįno 50K because it lasts for a little over a week and the boner is strong and persistent/consistent even after you get your rocks off sometimes.

But there's other natural stuff like liquid testosterone, Maca Root pills, Horny Goat Weed pills, etc.

Narflarf even talked about a cock ring can help maintain a erection before, even though I never tried using a c.ring personally maybe some day I will perhaps when the malls open up and I can hit a Spencer's to finally try one out.

As for getting your rocks off in a efficient timely manner, I'd suggest you don't fap and retain your baby batter for a week or 2 so that when you do get to business you'll get to your point quicker with no issue seeing the opposite of always fapping desensitizes your ish, if you dont fap you'll be super sensitive down there and can accomplish the mission faster.

I understand that chikaning sometimes is a mental thing, just like sex, that you have to focus to maintain a mood for. I been there where I had a Chikan opportunity and I'm so nervous that if anybody is watching me, it becomes difficult to catch a rager or to maintain one.

That's why before sex I usually request broads to start the fire by giving me head first or I pop a rhino when I know chikan festivities are around the corner. Lol

Hope the advice helped big bro.

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