Humped my neighbor

Hi guys. Long time lurker her. I just want to thank you'll for keeping me sane during this horrible chikanless time.

I just wanted to tell you'll about one unexpected chikan experience that happened last week ( btw I might be in big trouble if my victim complains).

So my doorbell rings and it's my neighbor asking to borrow some some vegetables for the meal that she was cooking that afternoon. Anyway my mom was upstairs and my brother was in his room.

Now my neighbor is a bit plump with a decent ass and quite short, about 5'3. So anyway, I invite her in when suddenly an idea strikes me. I tell her the fridge is yours to find whatever veggies you need.

Now my mind is racing because I am extremely horny and I see her bending with her butt pointed out , while looking for stuff in the fridge. Now I don't normally take such risks, I don't like mixing business with pleasure. I normally do my dirty business far from home on busses and crowds. But I was just soooo damn horny.

Anyway, I creep up behind her and sort of hovered with my dixk about an inch from her ass. Suddenly she notices me behind her and sort of acts startled and says 'oh it just you'. I just sort of chuckle, but strangely enough this gives me more courage and I edge forward pretending I'm looking for stuff in the fridge , while my erect monster rests on her ass. Now a curious thing happened. She sort of stiffens, but doesn't say a word.

Here I am literally humping my neighbor. And it lasted for a heavenly 2-3 mins. Finally she turns around, smiles at me and says 'thanks, I've found what I was looking for'.

After she left i was incredibly excited, but also scared. And still am. What if she tells my mom that I violated her? I'm 99% sure she'll keep her mouth shut though.

Anyway i just wanted to share this incredibly erotic experience that occurred. And hopefully this dumb virus vanishes soon so we can get back to doing what we are best at.

Cheers and goodbye fellow chikans

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