NYC Halloween parade

MAN that Halloween parade sounds so good.
I know a lot of thick ass Dominican and even puerto Rican bitches all over the place dressed in slurry costumes.

Too bad in my city the only place where they have costumes for a Halloween parade there's a lot of fags and tranny fags so I wouldn't I wouldn't even roll the damn dice on that one.

The clubs may be different but still risky.
Now cities like New Orleans Halloween clubbing is highly likely where I'd go to.

But it sounds like NYC is the shit for chikan opportunity.

Also I was in a some months back and there was a white bottle girl or maybe white hispanic that had blonde (dyed?) hair, and a golden 1 piece suit with her ass cheeks hanging all the way out, was around 5'7 or 5'8 doing bottle service runs at the night spot.
When she passed by me I felt the side of her ass graze me and it was soft smooth silky RAW skin.

So I waited and she passed me by again but this time I had my buddy out and she this time turned facing away from me to get by since I stepped forward a foot to close the distance in the walk way gap and I felt her raw naked cheeks and crack swipe and engulf my pole full fledged and she jumped at the end looking down and back at me looking pissed as she slowed down a few feet away, in reply I faked a drunk dumb founded goofy ass look (LMAO) which broke her frown and made her actually start laughing, then she continued to hurry off into the BACKROOM for more bottle service errands while I exited not taking no chances in case she got a "change of heart" LOL.

I just thought I throw that little experience in the forum to give it some liveliness here.

I actually want to here more stories from Bad employee, hopefully bro drops us another account of the fun shit at his gig.

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