I don't have any current stories right now to contribute to the board, so I'm just giving different aspects of the "game" when I think about it.
I just wanted to share some things about me as an up-and-cuming (haha) chikan. In middle and high school I was one of the horniest young adults in the school. I know this to be true because I had a very overactive hormonal-thing going on. It was actually diagnosed. So I stayed "hard" more than your average kid.
When I got to high school as a freshman I couldn't believe all the upperclassman females! And since it was a "Christian" school they had a dress code. Girls couldn't wear pants! So all day long I watched bare legs/thighs. For the first two years of h.s. I prowled the hallways groping girls. I thought I was being discreet, but by the second year I developed a reputation of "getting legs". It was not out in the open, but there were "whispers" of my actions. Then it changed.
With most of the upperclassman having graduated, in my 3rd year I became "the upperclassman". With that I started being a bit more careful about who or when I did my nasty. I was careful not to touch those that would talk. I befriended the most popular girls in the school and won their trust. I was a perfect gentleman with the ones that counted. Those younger girls coming in behind me I had to be careful picking. It was all methodically calculated, and it worked. By the time I graduated I was one of the most popular with the females! In my yearbook the girls made references to me staying in touch n matter what. And it continues to this day. Girls that I groped and fondled seem to have either forgotten or just wrote it (my behavior) off. One girl that I groped and even pissed-off now believes it was another guy that did it! She actually told a mutual friend the story (the story was my encounter with her, but she attributed it to another guy at the school). This is my story of coming up a practicing chikan artist!

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