Groping under clothes

It's not exaggerated, the groping under clothes thing is more common than most people realize at concerts and festivals, you need several things ot go right for this to happen, and you can't force it

1) It needs to be dark
2) Everyone else needs to be facing away from you, for example at a concert everyone faces the front
3) She has to be away from her friends, or if they are nearby you have to be careful not to let them see, you also need to disguise your activity from any other onlookers
4) She needs to be attracted to you, or not care how you look, some girls never look around at whos behind their behind aslong as their having fun
5) You have to slowly test her boundaries, and accurately read body language for signs she is happy to proceed or not, as bubba will not be so polite

On the otherhand, I once approached a girl from behind just to dance, and she immediately placed one of my hands on her breasts, and the other down her pants. Jackpot!

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