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I got quite a lot of past situations that I want to share, but I really want to tell you all about something that happened to me last week.

Last Friday afternoon, I was on my way to the gym. I was just about to walk into the station to catch the train when I heard a lot of cheering, also a voice through a loudspeaker. I also saw a lot of people walking towards that area. I was off that day, I had no real time limits so I followed the group and headed down to the area as well.

Once I got there, I saw a big mass of people, in what looked like a kind of procession or demonstration, in a square with a lot of barriers, with rows of people packed against them. I asked a guy standing nearby what was going on, he told me that it was a protest rally for the problems in the Middle East. I decided to look around a bit then head to the gym afterwards.

There were a lot of people watching the speaker, so I could not move to the front. After about 10 minutes, there was a shift in the crowd near to where I was standing, from people leaving but the space closed quickly. I walked to different parts of the crowd for about 20 minutes and saw no openings to the barrier at all. I was just about to consider leaving, when I saw another shift in the crowd with people leaving. I looked into the gap between the moving crowd and quickly changed my mind, as I saw a very shapely black woman with a small waist and a BIG round ass, standing up straight at the front of the barrier, talking to another person in front of her, on the other side of the barrier. The woman was wearing an ethnic print pant suit and her butt cheeks looked like two volleyballs on a shelf that were packed together in the back of her pants. I had to stop myself from drooling as I watched her big butt cheeks wobble every time she moved to make gestures while talking.

I immediately worked my way past the people leaving and stood behind her. The problem was, once those people left, I realized that there was no one standing behind me, as we were just at the edge of the barrier. I stood there, trying so hard to look forward over her head and not stare but I was completely dumbstruck by the size of this woman's ass and I was just hoping and praying that the crowd would settle in more around us.

I moved a little closer to her, then used the back of my hand to brush against her right butt cheek, pretending to reach for my phone. She didn't move or show a reaction to that. A couple of minutes later, I brushed against her butt cheek again while going into my bag and there was still no reaction. I wanted and needed to turn up the pace so bad but I had to be careful, with no one behind me to give me necessary cover. My dick was quickly getting hard so I inched a bit closer until my dick made pressure with her right butt cheek and pretended to take pictures of the demonstration. She glanced at me but I stood looking ahead, taking pictures. When I was done, I turned to her, while she was still glancing at me and asked her what was going on. She had a thick accent but explained the reason for the protest, I asked her where she was from, she told me she was from Somalia. She said something about her accent when speaking English then turned back around to finish her talk with the other woman but I did not care, as my dick had become fully hard and was now pressing firmly into her soft and ample right butt cheek.

Just as she turned to finish talking to the woman, a couple of people came and stood behind us, a little to my left, giving me cover on that side. I dropped my hand to my side, while holding my camera and I made complete contact with both her ass cheeks, resting the back of my left hand on her crack. As the people behind me moved around, I carefully moved my hand back and forth, I did not feel any panty lines at all. I looked behind me and there were more people arriving to check out what was going on. My dick was so hard thinking about how I could get fully behind this woman, I did not even realize that the speaker had stopped and there was some kind of intermission. My luck took a bit of a turn for the better because the center area of the crowd had cleared enough for people on the side to get better positions in front of the stage. As those people were leaving, the Somalian woman quickly picked up her bag from the floor and moved towards that area. I followed right behind her closely but making no contact. She stopped nearly dead center in front of the stage, dropped her bag and then leaned over the barrier, where her friend walked up on the 'invite only' side of the barrier to finish talking to her.

The crowd now started to form to grab the better positions in front while I made sure I was directly behind the Somalian woman's big ass, taking pictures of anything that was on the stage area. The intermission was almost finished as I saw more featured speakers and musicians setting up. My dick was already outside of my boxers, so with the help of the crowd movement, I was able to lower my tracksuit pants neath my dick and balls and then place my t-shirt and tracksuit jacket over it to keep it hidden. Once I was finished, I rested my hard and now exposed dick lightly on her left butt cheek while taking pictures of the crowd and used the crowd forming behind me to apply pressure, as I moved my dick from left to right across her ass. She turned around again but this time I looked back at her and smiled. She smiled back, showing teeth this time and said something about the crowd becoming bigger. When she turned back to face front, she started to wiggle her round firm ass a bit, like she was eager to hear the band. The feeling of her big firm as wobbling through her thin baggy pants on my now naked dick was incredible. I looked around and everyone was now in their chosen positions and there were at least three or four rows behind me. Meanwhile the Somalian woman's ass was now making my balls tingle when she did that all that wiggling and wobbling.

Once the speaker came back to introduce the band, there was a bit more movement in the crowd, so I lined my dick up with the crack between her big butt. She kept on moving her jiggly cheeks like she was already dancing without music. As the local African band walked towards the front of the stage, a couple of people behind me started to take pictures, which gave me a chance to ease the head of my dick straight into the Somalian woman's ass crack. I stayed still like that for a minute or so to see if that would alarm her, but she did not even turn around. The crowd pushed forward a bit more, which allowed me to ease even more of my dick a bit deeper into the warmth in her crack. So I could get steady, I put both my legs on either side of her legs but she pushed back abruptly. At first, I thought she was pushing me away but she reached down into her bag to get her camera. When she did that, my dick dug into her crack some more and was dragged the full length of her butt crack while she was moving around down in her bag. She stood up and turned to me, smiled again and said sorry then put her elbows on the barrier to take pictures, pushing her wobbly ass back out again. My dick was now in a horizontal position, which was perfect as I allowed the crowd to push me a bit, causing me to now push and surge deep between her butt cheeks which were even more separated now, causing more of my shaft to enter her. I felt her tense a body a bit and steady herself while holding her camera but she did not take to look at me at all. The Somalian woman's butt crack was very deep, it felt so good with my dick pushing deeper into her butt crack, I had a feeling of dry mouth.

All the while, she kept wiggling her big butt, with my dick firmly lodged between her butt cheeks. When I looked down, all I saw was her ass looking like it was sitting on a shelf while the head and upper portion of my shaft had vanished between her two wobbling globes. LOL. What I found really sexy about this woman was that she was not even really moving the top part of her body. She was resting firmly her elbows firmly on the barrier, but was steadily bent over and actually just moving her ass to the African beat from the band. I was moving my dick between her ass cheeks in opposite directions to her movements to cause some friction and one point, it looked like she was almost twerking or something! Or at least movements that looked very much like that anyway.

I put my camera away in the outside pocket of my bag then lightly put my hands on her hips then onto her lower back, just above her butt cheeks. When I did that, she turned to her right and looked at me from the corner of her eye. I smiled at her and nodded towards the band. She smiled, kind of widened her eyes a bit and turned back around, all of this of course done while my raging hard dick was stuck and throbbing like mad between her separated butt cheeks. I was so hard, she must have felt like she had a steel rod shoved between her ass but really I was so relieved that she gave me no trouble whatsover about it.

The band had gone through about three or four songs now and I could feel that I was getting near to that time we all know about. I did want to circle my dick around in her ass some more but honestly I did not even have to because all of her dancing and circular movement of her own was massaging my dick like crazy. The band was finishing their song and started to throw some items, t-shirts badges etc into the crowd, which could not have happened at a better time, as I was really trying to hold back from cumming to enjoy my dick in the crack of this woman's ass as much as possible but really this woman was driving me so crazy with all of her ass wobbling while sitting on my dick like that.
Once the people started to reach for the items in the air behind me, the Somalian woman dropped from her elbows to her forearms on the barrier and lowered her head to avoid getting crushed. When she did that, my throbbing dick gained more ground and I was able to push even more of my shaft deeper into her fleshy ass crack. The rush from the crowd only lasted a few minutes but when she got back onto her elbows, she started to shift her body to get the original position for her feet and caused A LOT of friction on my dick when doing that.
Once she was comfortable, she started to wobble (and what felt like) twerk her ass again all the way til the end of the song. The speaker came back out after the band was finished, yet she was still wobbling her big butt. The crowd moved a bit directly behind me like people were leaving but the people that replaced them slammed straight into my back, pushing me forward. When that happened, my dick was lodged in her crack so the push only ended up with me getting even deeper between the Somalian woman's butt cheeks but I really could not take any more. Getting deeper into her ass crack felt too good, I started to spurt and spurt cum while my dick was still stuck in her crack. My heartbeat was in overdrive and I almost felt faint, because the feeling was that good. She seemed to stop wobbling her ass for what seemed like a few seconds but continued wiggling her ass again, like she was trying to drain me or something. I am sure she felt me cumming as my dick was deep between her butt cheeks for her to feel the gush of my cum. She started to fix the wrap she was wearing on her head, cleared her throat a few times but did not look back at me, just started to examine the pictures that she had taken. Even though she did not do or say anything, I knew that after shooting cum from my naked dick directly between this woman's butt cheeks, I could not chance talking to her again so, under pretense of going into my bag, I put my dick back into my boxers inside my tracksuit pants then quickly and politely exited from the crowd

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