Re Chikan Expert on exaggeration point

It is possible. I have gone very close to that. Did not slide my hand under their pants but if I wanted I am sure they would have allowed it. One woman had spread her legs when she relaized i was touching her groin so that I can get easy access. She let me touch her pussy and even climaxed on my hand. One other woman allowed me to finger her asshole briefly for 10 minutes. Both were around 45 to 50 year old office going ladies and their body language were saying they liked it. Remeber, Women are equally perv too if not more. Just that they don't have as many options as men to fulfill their fantacies. My experience says look of the man is important no doubt in that but what matters most is if she finds you intimidating or not. If you are intimidating to her then difficult to reach that final stage of the game mentioned by BigT. I totally belive him. It is very much possible.

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