Damn Big T sometimes your stories seem exaggerated at times. I’d like to believe it’s not exaggerated but when you say that she let you put your hand down her leggings and grope her pussy, sounds strange to me. Who knows maybe you’re a really good looking guy. I am as well though and I’ve never had a girl let me have my way to that extent. Like I said I rarely get any girls that love me groping them. About 90 % of my targets either don’t like what I’m doing but are trapped, or they simply don’t feel my dick being pressed on them.

Like I said in my previous post, my last target was a player. Probably the 11th girl that let me press my dick on her ass.


This is a perfect example of what was happening. There was space in front of her and she could have moved but she made the initiative to stick her ass out and essentially grope me. The grinding on the dick is rare too but it’s believable . It makes sense for a girl to like the feeling of a dick being on their ass so much that they want to grind on you. It’s happened to me about 4 times (2 intentionally and 2 times unintentionally). I can’t fathom why a girl would allow you to grope their pussy though. I mean I dunno maybe it will happen to me one day lol

But yea man that mentally challenged girl I groped was a weird experience. I followed her and the people she was with for 10 minutes just groping her over and over again with my hands. At the very end, I gave a good squeeze and that’s when she finally looked back and gave me a weird look. Which made me feel bad tbh. I couldn’t help it though.

Where do you guys draw the line???

I would grope family members if given the opportunity (and could get away with it), teens (12 and up, but they have to have a nice enough ass), friends girlfriends if given the opportunity ( and I knew for sure they didn’t know I was groping them), old ladies.

Lol I groped this one chubby old lady maybe 80 years old with a nice round ass. She needed help going up some stairs and needed my help opening her door. Took about 5 minutes going up the stairs with her while I was guiding her with one hand on her hip and one hand on her ass. Then I took so long (1 minute) trying to open her door to her house with the key she gave me. I pretended it didn’t work . I had my dick in between her ass cheeks the whole time. When she went in her purse to look for another key I was shoving my dick in and out of her asscheeks, going left and right in her ass cheeks, and ended up pushing her a bit. She apologized to me! Lmao. I love when they apologize to you when you’re groping them.

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