Mentally challenged

It’s very interesting how this topic has come about. People from my side of the world will probably recognise who I’m talking about with what I’m about to say.

I frequent premieres, and this one woman in my area goes to all of them, and I’d say she is somewhere low on the mentally challenged spectrum. Definitely good learning capacity but certainly some slight impediment. This woman absolutely loved dick and let every single chikan do whatever they wanted to her.

I’ve wrote about her before. Very, very thick booty white woman, early twenties who only ever really wore leggings and skirts. This girl would moan, twerk her booty all over your meat, grind her crack up and down, turn and smile at you - even talk! I’ve gone up her skirt, groped her pussy, even put my hands down the front of her leggings! This girl was crazy.

I have no idea if her mental difficulty warped her judgement of whether she should engage it in this much but I didn’t care. As long as I came I was happy. She would practically race in front of me at any event if she saw me. I had her for years but COVID has meant I haven’t seen her for awhile.

I’d say it’s the only woman with a mental impediment I’ve ever jumped, really. My view is that what we do is a very low level illegality, even if she didn’t like you didn’t really impact her. And odds are, she liked the sensation. I say this as it’s unlikely they get regular sexual attention lol.

An image of her structure is attached.

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