Re: Chikan Expert - mentally challenged grope

Not as an adult but in my early teens I went to an out of state wedding and ended up groping a woman who definitely wasn’t all there mentally. I groped her ass a couple hours before the wedding before she got dressed, and later at the reception I was sitting next to her at dinner and groped her thighs under the table. This was long before I had ever rubbed my dick on anyone and I was a lot less careful with my choice of targets.

As for my current age, last year at a parade I spotted a woman who’s face and mannerisms indicated that she was challenged but her body looked like an IG model’s. She was wearing a form fitting velour sweatsuit that perfectly showed off her body but the sweatpants went so deep between her cheeks she was practically naked. I really wanted to get on her but I’m guessing whoever took care of her warned her about chikan s cause she pegged me as one before I got close and she kept moving away and stayed at the back of the crowds where I wouldn’t be able to get close without it looking out of place. I was disappointed but I had to give up on it. Pic for reference of her body type

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