Best outings

I tend to analyze all my chikan outings. Because of the many scenarios that can occur, some events are better than others, obviously. I've gone to festivals where it was storming (spring thunderstorms) hot and muggy, overcrowded with the guy/girl ratio skewed (making it hard to get to targets) and then the opposite, which is heaven.
My best chikan experiences have been in hot, packed, younger festivals in the early spring/late fall. But even then, it depends on so much more. In tight crowds you can get stuck behind people that are blocking your actions. It's gut wrenching to be just feet away from what you feel might be the perfect hump. Or actually be on the perfect specimen only to have a disturbance occur and get pushed off, or her friend can't take the rowdiness and tells your target she's leaving.! There's also the times where you're nervous and can't get a raging boner going! That usually happens when I've been standing in the hot sun all day and become dehydrated. Doesn't happen often but it has occurred one time too many.
Most times when I get home I'm proud of what my member has accomplished. To know I dragged it, rubbed it, thrust it for hours on end makes me look forward to another chance. There was that asian player a few years back that got so much of my dick in her ass that she through all respect aside and was moaning and gobblin' like a turkey! I actually lost it myself- I pulled it out and rubbed it everywhere I could on her. At first I felt bad I went that far, but since then I've relished it as one of my best. Now all I can do is wait until we get our chances again.

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