Lol naa it wasn’t me. I wasn’t even in NY last Sat. I was on vaca. Just got back on sun. Last time I chikan’d was this past Wednesday.

On another note:

Just curious, has anyone ever groped a girl that was mentally challenged but had a nice body? I hate to admit but I did one time. Feels terrible knowing I did that but man that girl had a nice body. I groped her with my hands over and over in a large crowd 2 years ago. She didn’t feel anything obviously and I was really rough with it too. I hate that sometimes I can’t control myself when it comes to chikan behavior. Anytime I see a nice ass, I don’t care if the girl is missing a nose or eye lol. As long as it’s a female and the female has a nice enough ass. I go to town. I just get so damn horny sometimes smh

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