Shoulder Humping Policeman

Thanks for that news item, NigT. I too have used back pain as an excuse for leaning on women's shoulders. I think he got off because he was a former top cop with a goodish excuse. It is pretty damning when three women on the same train ride accuse you of rubbing yourself on their shoulders. An "ordinary person" would most likely have been imprisoned.

I am taking a break from my activities for a few weeks. Since the middle of June, I have humped 17 women to orgasm. Because of the effects of covid 19, my options are limited, so 15 of those 17 have been on the same route. I figure that if I rely so heavily on one route, sooner or later, I will get into trouble, hence the pause.

Before ':somebody" asks me why I am concerned about getting into trouble if all of my encounters are consensual, let me say that it is usually the spectators who cause problems, and they are not concerned with whether the women are willing or not; just like the police, they automatically (and wrongly) assume that in such cases the woman must be unwilling.

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