Re: Eric

All my life I've been a musician and love all kinds of music. I've been to hundreds of concerts or festivals over the years. When my wife met me I was going to concerts. She knows my love for music and even buys a lot of my tickets. The only thing different now is I can't go as often as I once did. So I pick a few festivals a year to attend and maybe one or two small venues. I don't like the smaller shows. My wife and I sometimes go to small outdoor venues too. We understand each other's likes and dislikes. I even offer to take her with me to festivals if somebody is gonna be there that she likes (But I know she won't go because of the standing!). And besides, chikan and real sex are two different things in my mind. Like I said, I've been at this game for as long as I came remember, so I have it sorted out. I had a girl in 8th grade that I used to chikan regularly (before I even knew it had a name). I would grind and jump her every chance I had. She knew it but never said a word. I ran into her 2 years after we graduated high school. She had a baby by some guy that apparently forced himself on her. Not rape, but she regretted the one encounter with him. That screwed her up. Why? Because ultimately she wanted me. She even told me so at that chance meeting. I wasn't ready to be anybody's daddy at that age! But she would have been a good person to be with, and she already knew how nasty I was! I sometimes feel sorry for how I treated her. I believe she wouldn't have gotten pregnant had I pursued a real relationship with her instead of just humping her all those years. It is what it is. Years later, I married and had kids, I saw her at my job at a major airport. She jumped out of her car to run over to hug me, but the cop told her there was no parking in front of the terminal and made her leave!

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