Guest and Guestz

Okay maybe I may be overacting to Guestz, Allrounder and Guest.

It had me thinking me how my actions could possibly change someone life. To everyone else I did my game to, they showed nothing and moved on like life is normal. Also, she was the cousin of one my friends. Not sure why I still occasionally talk to him but he has such a approachable and friendly persona. I am watchful on what I say to him though. I knew him for 7 years and only knew he had a cousin 5 years ago.

When I did rub up on her constantly, she acknowledged my actions one time by turning her head but nothing else.

She stopped talking to me afterwards and one day the crowded snack lines stopped.

Maybe I aggravated a bad experience? Who knows. On her social media pages, it’s all about drugs, racial injustice and sexual assault issues.

Thanks for making me feel better everyone, that I wasn’t at fault and something more terrible to her happened for her life to change into a drug life. Whew, now I don’t have to worry. I’m happy now! I almost forgot about the whole situation not knowing I would receive so many replies from the rest of the board.

To Max Mond, I couldn’t help myself as my gameplay starts in school, buses. Rarely at concerts or events due to overprotective parents. This girl had the biggest booty in the school. Coincidentally, in the crowd, we were always close by to each other. When you are in the crowd, you have to take what’s given to you. I don’t think I was forcing anybody as some of y’all think silence is consent. Look at the mirror, fellow chikan.

The girl did like me in grade 9 as she and this Italian girl would run up to me when they saw me and start talking. It was mostly the Italian girl talking but she had the biggest smile on her face. Also, when entering high school, I was a social media influencer. That’s why I was also a big hit with the ladies. But I like to boost my own ego and say I’m a handsome fellow hahaha. But, I was weird guy who was into frottophilla ever since I was pushed by my sister into a random lady behind. That incident was when I was 13. Going into high school I was amazed to see how many hot slutty girls there are.

Going to University, I tried my best to interact with girls and distance myself away from certain girls that i wished to grope but this pandemic screws me up and now it’s online school. Like I was seeing jokes on the social media pages about how students write I paid 5k tuition to meet my husband or wife, now what? With some music playing. That’s how humor is now in this generation, kind of dry but it is what it is.

Man I really hate the day I get older as I feel like I’m probably going to be a long term chikan and member on this site. I imagine myself like Guestz, in a marriage and still playing the game.

Whenever I see a slutty girl, I always come back to this website.

Guestz, how do you still upkeep your long term marriage?

I assume she would be suspicious of your behaviour to go to outings by yourself like festivals and concerts.

I am not good at lying constantly. I could do it once and twice but my lies won’t make sense sooner or later.

Do you ever feel bad at lying to her about your whereabouts? Like y’all be about 60. I don’t think she be attending any festivals or concerts with you. So how do you get to leave the house?

To end of my post, my parents raised me with a heart of gold. I was always putting everyone needs above my own and always found joy in uplifting others.

When I saw what happened to the girl, I seeked you guys replies and now I feel better about myself. It’s not me, it’s life. Life is a roller coaster of a ride. There’s always ups and downs and you don’t know what’s going on in someone’s personal life. Can’t judge a book by its cover.

Because this is all fun and games but I never want to ruin someone life because of it. I’m not a sick fuck or try not to be. Isn’t chikaning sometimes called sexual assault or sexual molestation?

I always try to play off my actions like it’s the crowd pushing me into you.

Maybe one day I will get more experienced and accustomed to this chikan daily life, where I would stop caring about the girls I stumble upon.

Thanks again guys!

I honestly don’t care about the situation any more so y’all don’t need to comfort me any further or reply.


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