Encountered another player!

Had a great day today. In my 6 years of professionally chikaning, I have only encountered about 8 or 10 women that made it obvious they loved the feeling of my dick on their ass. I know I’ve said this statement before but I’m saying it again for new cumers. 8 or 10 have made it very clear that they loved it either by pushing back on my dick, slowly grinding on my dick, seats being available but they prefer to stay where they are (my dick being pressed on their ass), looking back and smiling at me mid way through the grope session., biting their lip (which only happened once).

Today I encountered one yet again. It’s been about 2 years since my last player. I was scoping on the platform for a target. I tried groping two different targets before I found the aforementioned player. I got on the train, got right behind the first target, as soon as she felt it, she immediately moved away. Had to play it off. She didn’t make it hot so luckily nobody looked at me (I had my mask on anyway lol). I had to get off the next stop, and take the next train back to the busy station.

Once I got back to the platform, I saw a Latina lady in her early 40’s probably, had the most juiciest ass but she had on leggings. Obviously groping a girl that has on leggings feels fucking amazing but I always have bad luck with them. Once they feel my dick, 9/10 they move away. But I said fuck it let me see if I get lucky. Once the train arrived, my heart was pounding, and just praying this lady would allow me because I haven’t jerked off in a week. I knew if she did allow me, I would cum in less than 20 seconds. Buuut unfortunately as we were entering the train , somebody got up from their seat and she sat down.

It happens often. Nothing new. So when that happens I scope around the women that are near me and look for one with a nice ass. I didn’t see one. So I walked towards the train doors to exit and right before the train reached the next stop, I peep a white lady maybe in her 30’s, had on jeans and had an ass very similar to this lady


No idea who the lady in the pic is but the lady I peeped had a very similar ass. Only thing is she had a book bag on but lately that hasn’t been a problem for me. As long as my dick can feel the side of the ass, I’m content lol. She happened to be right by the train doors 2 doors down from me (in the same train car). So once the train reached the next stop. I got off and got right back on the same car and stood right next to her. It was a very sketchy thing I did but I didn’t even bother to see if anyone noticed. I learned that it’s best to not look around so much when you do something like this. It draws more attention.

The doors close and we’re right next to each other. She’s on her phone watching a video. Always a good thing when your target has their mind occupied on something lol. I start to position my body so that I can place my flaccid dick on the side of her ass. I started to grow and when she felt it, she initially got scared and gave me a weird look. I had to pretend like nothing happened as all of us chikans are used to lol, but she didn’t move away. She did have a little bit of space next to her but she didn’t move. So I said hmmm let me try again. I tried again. Got hard pretty fast. I had my dick on the side of her ass for maybe 10 seconds.

Suddenly she leaned her left side of her body and my dick was now buried on the side of her ass ;))). I couldn’t help it man. I came under 20 seconds. I really wish I lasted longer. She without a doubt felt my dick throbbing because as I was cumming, she stopped looking at the video she was looking at and looked at my dick as I was shooting my last few drops in my pants. I backed off once I was done. She then leaned her body in even more to feel my dick again ;). Man I love when this rare occasion happens but I hate when I can’t immediately get hard to go for a 2nd round. I let her lean her ass on my dick for another 2 more stops (which was my stop) . I tried my best to get hard again but I just couldn’t. Smh.

Had a great day though man. I hope you guys are getting lucky as well.

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