Re: Eric

When I read your response I figured you must be really young. "High horse"? Really? "Take it easy"? From what? Expressing my opinion that if you do this long enough you'd see why older guys (50+) go after younger girls? I'll tell you why, fellow chikan. The older you get the better those young girls are gonna look. The older you get the sluttier those girls are gonna get. I guarantee that.
When I was in junior high we had a teacher that was banging two of the 8th graders! I wouldn't ever stoop to that. Ever. But everyone knew it was happening. The girls were way ahead of us boys at that time, and I'm talking way back. But these 2 girls were not interested in the boys their age. To them we were just that- boys. The same is still relevant today. I've been in crowds of older people and the young girls will make their way in front of me on purpose! I've had them squeeze in front of me so young that I had to move away! I try to keep them college-age. Maybe a 17 year-old and up, I'll do if they are really asking for it. My point to you is you must not have much experience in in this game if you think like you do. I agree with the guest below. If she's messed up like you say she is, something bigger, much bigger, happened to her.

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