It’s nothing important but the post about Phat Booty Y and how she said assault shouldn’t have been her first with sexuality was supposed to also state that her post was on her social media page.

I tried interacting with her once but she ignored me. Too bad. I won’t aggravate anyone any further.

I know some of y’all might call me a rapist or molestor whatever but you guys do the absolute same thing. No girl would ever be interested in what we do. She might seem like it but would later feel sad about an uncomfortable body on hers and the wait for the male to leave her alone.

I am not saying I am quitting or feeling sad about my actions.

No I will continue to do it.

I just thought wow look at the potential she had to make a difference in this world and now she is a drug addict. No school, no job, no nothing.

I knew she was a little depressed in Grade 12 when she used to have heartfelt story telling appointments with the guidance counselor. But she never told the guidance counselor as I surely assume the guidance counselor would have called the police.

All I heard one time was how she sounds sad and how she was asking on how to become a YouTuber.

Thanks for reading! That’s was the story about Phat Booty Y.

Haha if she was looking for a job and to be famous, she could have been doing some sexual encounters with me on the Hub . With a booty like that, she would be famous!

I always wanted to tell her back in school, hey why don’t you become a IG model? I could have managed her career as I have experience with social media.

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