Hey Chikan Expert,

I like talking to you on this board as we are similar in age I’m 19 and you said you were in your twenties? I feel like I can relate to your stories more. I can’t really relate to a 50 plus grown man humping a teenage girl. No offence to anyone.

But anyways on to my story.

To the long time members and lurkers. I often mentioned the girl who I nicknamed phat ass Y. She was a girl i attended high school with. We rarely talked.

She was tall, smart. had a background in some fighting forgot if it was karate or MMA classes, and most importantly she had the biggest and sexiest booty in high school. It was so big and caught all the guys attention especially when she was sitting down. Her booty would engulf the chair seat. She was mixed with white and Asian.

Anyways she was in the advance class and I was in the academics. Our school had advance, academics and applied. Applied students can’t attend university but college.

Ok so she was very smart to be in the advanced class. I always wondered why she stayed quiet when I was humping her booty in the snack line. Her booty was the real snack. Lol she always wore the close fitting jeans or jogging pants that shows the firm shape of her booty.

The snack line was eventually cancelled midway through grade 11 and into grade 12. Word around the school was because of a pest issue ( rodents and cockroaches). I strongly suspect and believe that some girls I groped in the snack line reported to the school administrators about being groped. But the school didn’t want to get in trouble with the media and bring unwanted negative attention to the school so they quietly closed down the snack line.

Also other minor reasons why they did not do anything to punish me was the snack line is crowded with students from grade 9 to grade 12. So the unwanted contact could be justified. Also, I was really well liked by the boys at the school. I was like the coolest guy at the school. I would light up a room where people would clap that I was there. Although a few girls hated me for this incident with a special education kid, a lot of girls still liked me.


Anyways yes phat booty Y was a smart girl. Did well in her classes. Had a bright future. I knew her male cousin who is my friend. He was in the same grade as us. He now attends university.

At the graduation, phat booty Y had the presenters read her card saying she’s attending a top university in Canada. The school staff presenters had to read everyone future whether return to high school, university, college or working. I also went to a top university. She looked beautiful in her high school graduation dress. She looked sexy enough to make me want to grope her again. LOL

But now, I don’t think she ever went to university. She ended up addicted to drugs and cigarettes. She has this combo of fruits and drugs that she is into.

One time I think she indirectly mentioned my groping. She said “My first experience with sexuality shouldn’t have been through assault.” LOL. I strongly suspect it’s about me but who knows.

I remember one time, me and my Asian male friend in grade 11 laughed about how in film class she got rejected by this transfer student a black guy. He was around for 1 year before transfering to another school again. He didn’t want no part of her and was interested and mostly interacting on his phone with a girl from his first school. I don’t know where. If I was him, I would have took phat ass Y as a side piece as she was throwing herself at him. He could have gotten some nice sexual encounters with her Fantastic body.

Anyways, yeah I think my groping ruined her life.

I’m sorry to her.

I knew you liked me in grade 9 as you always talked to me. I was afraid and had no game to talk to girls. Unfortunately I was more interested in groping and with your body instead of having a relationship with you.

Has anyone else groping ruined someone life you know?


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