Re: BigFootBum Strip club story

Glad to see I'm not the only one that swears by Rhino 50k pills. I remember taking one and being rock hard all night at a nightclub. A group of Indian girls saw my bulge and asked what was in my pants. I loved teasing them and seeing them giggle like schoolgirls and get wide eyed.

Coincidentally I went to my first strip club a few weeks ago on a business trip myself. I took a Rhino 50k pill and ate some edible so I was horny and high at the same time.

When I got in, soon a thick Spanish looking stripper sat next to me, asking me about myself. Her eye contact was intense and her perfume was enticing, making me harder and even more light-headed. She finally asked me for a dance and my dick stood up at attention. Luckily everyone else was distracted from seeing my obvious boner as we went to a private booth.

As soon as I sat down I went numb. From the waist down I could only feel how hard I was while watching her dance. She was wearing a top exactly like the picture in this post, with no bra underneath and a G-string. I paid for 5 songs, and wasn't considering the possibility of cumming but by the 3rd song she had her hands on my knees, while throwing her ass back on my cock with a lot of pressure.

I blew my load and practically raised off the couch in a loud moan. She turned her head and gave me a side glance with a huge smirk on her face. Playfully she asked if I was doing okay back there and I agreed.

Even after nutting I was still rock hard and she continued to grind my cum further into my pants. Definitely an awesome time that was worth it.

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