The story by Chikan Expert reminds me of how addictive this pastime can become. He went back to the kiss cam, the place where he had been caught, even after his arrest there. He says "I was like a crack addict...I could not help myself."

This brings to mind a case I read about in a neighbouring island. A young man got arrested for molesting schoolgirls while they were on their way to school. They gave him bail, and while he had his temporary freedom he went and molested more schoolgirls. And then there was an even worse instance that I posted about already in this forum. A man was charged with molesting a damsel, and when he was in court he "attacked" the female officer who was with him in the dock. Completely out of control.

As someone who has been climaxing on women on average once a week, every week, for the last 25 years, I can testify to the addictive nature of frotteurism. I cannot count the number of times I have decided to give up this practice only to return to it after a while. Knowing how habit-forming this pastime can be, I can really sympathise with all the humpers who cannot get any action or satisfaction because of the virus.

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