Strip Club Pt 2

So I went to the 1st two strip clubs in this one city close to my fellow traveling vagabond buddy's recommended go to city for the stripclub.

I went to the 1st one, a hole in the wall that was actually pretty cool on the inside where I had the round booty foreign chick from the islands dance on my erected pipe until she felt uncomfortable (lol she probably thought I was going to bust on her) and she moved away, I had to use my hand to hold in pocket to hold my ish down so nobody staring at me would notice I was full fledged on rock mode after popping the rhino 50k pill
(which if its the real one its the only 1 that actually works).

After I got the bitch to agree to finish the dance to the 1 song I paid for I left amused and excited thinking about what my buddy told me about the stripclubs in the other city knowing this was just a prelude.
I only paid $10 for that dance.

Next I went to another stripclub that I been to before in that city but I don't like it because it is kind of ratchet but not really dangerous since it is in a suburbs actually.

I took my buddy there for his birthday and bought him a $10 dance and he damn near took the bitch to a room a few weeks before, but this particular night was mid week and I came by myself and it was rather jumping with people and plenty of dancers some a.american and others from the carribean like Jamaica, Trinidad, st Lucia,baahamas and some even Haitian and Puerto Rican.

I see this one thick chick who I recognized for years with a real pat ass, she isn't skinny or chubby,but she's above average in weight, thick.
I passed up a lot of chicks that night waiting for a opportunity to ask her for a dance, at the same time groping the females asses as they asked me for a dance while leaning into me and having short friendly condos.

I finally got the aforementioned girl I wanted, again of the rhino 50k and got to work grinding on my stick slow and sensual while reaching from behind grabbing on the back of my head getting into the slow r&b song the dj was playing.

That rhino was in FULL EFFECT and she KNEW IT (strippers know most of the time a guy won't be erect or THAT ERECT while getting a dance but she knew with a election that hard pointing outwards that much..psshhhhh) she politely and smartly didn't pull off of me she turned her head and was smiling and said "'s like that" with a smirk on her face.
Then she took her hand from off of my head and grabbed both of her phat booty cheeks and spreader them wide apart so my dick could get sandwiched in between as she smashed them close slightly bending at her knees going up and down up and down...she danced with me for 3 songs even though 1 song is $10.
I didn't bust with her like I wanted but that shit left me so fucking AMPED.
Before she left she grabbed me by the face and kissed me sensually on the cheek and stared at me smiling and walked off.
Lmao I can't even remember the convo because I was low-key drunk that night, the bartender gave me $40 on accident when I was trying to get change for a $10 🤷‍♂️ so I was able to get some drinks that were technically on the house LMAO.

Any way I'm at the same spot and I noticed another big booty another thick a.american chick dancing on the stage.
She's tatted somewhat and has small tits with nipped piercings
and she's dancing hard as fuck shaking her ass to some trap music with a ev mad ass grumpy facial expression on stage.
I'm vibing out trying to figure out what bitch can I dance with and finish business with before I leave.

A few minutes later the same angry mad ass looking one who was just on stage is passing by with a lot of money from tips, but same shitty attitude of a faci expression, I ask her can I get a dance and she says she looks at me with her mad ass eyes, says "yea but you GOTTA HOLD ON" and puts her money up.

She came back and proceeded to give me a beginning slow but rough dance against a wall rotation from slow grinding to ass shaking bouncing that ass while leaning forward but not to forward so my erected pipe thats sticking straight out in my verh thin jogger pants could get smacked every which way while she shook ass on me...then I felt was TOO LATE... I was NUTTING HARD AS FUCK because every time she slow grinded on me which she pressed so hard into me with her booty it hurt my fucking nutts, which I normally don't like for obvious reasons but the sight of her hips ass and back turned me on so fucking bad and bouncing that ass smacking my dick around every which way SEALED the DEAL.

I NUTTED as she was smacking my shit around with her ass cheeks and she dove her ass back into me as I skeeted out the last few drops for about 5 seconds and that's when she stopped and realized she felt it. LOL she was PISSED and slapped my shoulder and called me nasty, took my money and left shaking her head.

That shit was soOoOoOoOo fucking funny in person and THRILLING you'd had to see it just to realize how epic it was.

I knew once I got to the city not too far away, that my friend recommended...he said the strip clubs there are the best he ever went to.
So I'll save the stories for when I finally got there for part 2.

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