Re: Chikan Expert

Excellent! Reminds me of the days at Venice Beach. I nutted sooooo much out there it was ridiculous. Same thing at the L.A. airport, late at night. The terminals where international flights came in would be chikan paradises. There were regulars there every week, especially on certain night jostling for positions. Plenty for the few chikans I knew of. One Hispanic pervert would always go for young girls (too young). But it left me and a few others the more developed young/grown adults. I remember once getting these two European sisters or cousins or whatever they were. Nice tall white girls with big asses! I went back and forth on them willingly, in shorts with no underwear on! When I nutted I soaked those thin shorts and even left a big splat of cum under them on the floor. Enough for one of them to slip in! She had no ideal what it was but I knew! Those days are gone, for a while at least.

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