Strip Clubs

As brothers may or may not remember I am a backpacker and I have traveled most of the United Stateş of Amerįca.

I have no place I technically call home but if I wanted to actually settle down I could at anytime at my own residence in my name.

Hence why I call myself by the screen name BigFootBum because I have big feet and society would consider me a bum even though I have a steady income every month of $2000 exactly.

Any way I've been to some many cities in the U.S. and have chikaned, nailed for free and even tricked for some play with the slots and where's of America.
All races, ethnicities, nationalities.

I really don't trick for pussy, just oral sex, titty fucking and CHIKANING/ASSJOBS.

I usually have a minimum of $40 but will go to $60 if the broad has a really phat nice round ass.
But I haven't done that in a while. Last time was early last year and all I had to do was buy the bitch a $5 taco bill meal and $3 for the bus because she is STUPID. HA!

Anyway before covid ruined the whole year as I said in my prior post I lucked up early this year and got some Chikaning on for spring break and even had a couple of Strip Club dick to booty sessions with cheap strippers in a city one of my closest fellow vagabonds that I travel with from time to time recommended to go.

So let the story begins:
Precocious I'm having fun chikaning all these drunk girls asses at night as they're crowded on the beach, even a few times got my stick out the shorts (freelancing and glued it to both warm and cool sweaty bitches bare thighs & ass cheeks hanging out their bikini bottoms and shorts.

As the spring break event was coming to an end I wanted the old experience of frotting some bitches bare cheeks so I kept looking for street walkers that look decent enough to barter some chump change with or hit the strip club like my boy recommended.

I landed 1 dud in this one bitch who I almost kicked her ass, I got head from her for $5 and used a condom of course but the bitch was purposely scratching me with her teeth so I took my $5 back and threatened to beat her ass if she kept harassing me since she didn't upkeep her end of the deal.

I finally find this one long legged thick booty walker that was an a.a. older mature chick, she sucked me nice, I even banged even though that wasn't apart of the agreement but she begged me so I obliged since I didn't want to look like ab'f*g' to her and I finished all 3 sessions with an assjob using her nice juicy bulb shaped like cheeks.
Finished all on her back, it oozed up across her spine after I shot my shots 'outside the club' when she stood up she would purposely let it run across her ass cheeks and say "boy you nassty" with a grin on her mature face. LOL not to mention the head was wonderful, alot of lips smacking, suction and wetness- she's near toothless so it was ab'Gumjob'.

My satiation didn't end there so in that city not to far from the recommended city my fellow vagabond buddy recommended, I went to strip clubs, one popular and one not so popular.

The broads at the not so popular which was the one I went to first actually had broads that didn't look too bad for the area that it was located in, but no stripper there really caught my eyes except for one with the nice average sized curvy frame with a round, protruding out thick patty that I wanted.
Come to find out she wasn't even from the states she was from the Caribbean.
I had been eyeing her turning down dances from other strippers the whole firstb30 minutes I was there Vining listening to music on my phone until she finally walked by me coming back out the dressing room in changed apparell wearing some red latex very thin wired one piece revealing hard nipples poking out and her set of fat round booty cheeks fully exposed as well she asked me what's up I said I wanted to dance and since the club was so small we didn't really have no where to do our thing since most girls didn't want to leave their wall flower position since I turned them down and that it also wasn't a whole lot of dudes in there to begin with (middle of the week not Friday, Saturday or a holiday) so we finally found a spot and I had popped a LEGIT Rhino 50K (cuz there are some fake ones including that rhino 60k or 60,000 BULLSHIT) so after all seconds of grinding that ass nonstop into my stick as requested she got off of me because she felt me poking in-between her asscheeks unto ass hole with the very thin pair of joggers I had copped a few months prior, bruh this joggers are so thin it doesn't do justice wearing them...LOL you bros will find out why in Part 2 because I'm not trying to drag this too long and I will get more too the point with detail in the next post after this one is posted.

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