long time no covidly see l

I REFUSED to get on here for so many months knowing how covid fucked my year up so badly in so many ways (chikanly and financially) I had opportunities to make HUGE BANK this year all flushed.
And since this bullshit is going on I SAID the board would be DEAD - DEAD.
iterator just now I had ran into a girls page on YT trying to type an associates of mines page up and she had footage of a popular festival up and THE CHIKAN SENSATION INSTANTLY SURGED DRIVING ME INSANE to COME BACK and LOOK at the fucking board even if it was to just look at the OLD SHIT. 🥴🤣😭

I'm of course surprised to see that guys have still been able to get some shit done with the fuckery the world's been in as of this year so far.
I had opportunities the other month seeing I was in Vegas with a bunch of black tourists with their ė d d income and I could've pulled a 'Voyuernaut' (thks cat on XHamster who's filmed himself out in Vegas touching his rod on women's bootymeat going up escalators and in crowds distracted by sidewalk magic shows on the strip/and even letting his rocks go on broads at bust stops and in Walmart dude has some good quality shit but most of that shit is put on private now and his page is friend invite only) but I was too OVERTIME not to do that shit to none of the black broads in fear of them making a overexaggerated ghetto loud ass scene especially not wanting to have that in allplaces the god damn strip.

But early year before covid went retarded I chikaned a few college bitches at the beach, had my bare raw Roddy out for $20 in 2 strip clubs getting a nothing but ass lapdances until i ' shøt up the club' on the floor that is and in 1 case on this bitches thigh (LONG STORY 😭🤣) but after that nothing else been going on due to DUMBASS COVID and I had 1 of the BEST ANIME/COMIC/GAMER COSPLAY EXPOS in the States to GO TO THIS YEAR.
But Covid of course...FUCKED IT ALL OFF. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

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