Man I am getting pretty jealous of some of the action yall been getting. I am getting none. Its probably due to the setting of the city I am in with lots of signs placed everywhere about this virus and social distancing and wearing a mask. The government also changing the stages from stage 2 to stage 3 and back to stage 2. People writing letters and news articles if there happens to be 1 busy bus. They oh what about the children! My poor babies. Well shut up and take this tool in your booty holes! Lol

To the chikan expert, I am not one to butt kiss but your recent story was quite good. I am interested in your style of writing. I read the whole story. Some of these users on here either make their stories long and boring or short and simple. Yours was the perfect length and a nice touch of reality. when I say reality I mean when you live in tcurrent moments and not repeatedly talk about how your tool felt. Thats too sus for me. So Good job! I didn't read your other stories as it may have been boring but your recent one was an A plus. I dont know who criticized you or made you feel ashame to go back to posting under guest but you are always welcome under this board with chikan expert handle.

Also man, assuming you live in North America, what's the best time to ride the bus for chikaning action? When I usually go
On the bus, its crowded with males and females are usually sitting down or the bus doesnt have not enough of a crowd to get any chikaning action.

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