Of Humps and Bumps

Earlier today (Wednesday) I greatly enjoyed rubbing my erection on the naked shoulder of a milf as she sat next to her son on the bus, and I came to a sweet and satisfying orgasm.

My 30 something willing participant was slender and brown-skinned, with small breasts and an oval face. She was wearing blue jeans and a yellow, patterned top with no sleeves, so I was rubbing against her bare skin as I said earlier. Her son was about 12 years old. It was stimulating to be doing a mother when her son was sitting right next to her, but had no idea about what was going on.

I started by making a few isolated connections between my soft member and her naked shoulder. She did not respond. I soon became fully erect, and tried to engage in my signature foreplay act, that is to say, I attempted to drag my member from side to side on her shoulder, but the bus was making jerky movements as it travelled over humps in the road, so I ended up repeatedly nudging her with my erect length. It was delightful to feel the swollen head of my growth poking her shoulder as she continued to make no response. Now convinced that she was willing, I performed another signature move: I teased her by withdrawing for a little while. After that, I resumed the "attack" and eventually arrived at a sweet orgasm as a result of deliberate thrusting on my part, combined with the effects of the jerky motions of the vehicle.

I suspect that once the covid restrictions are finally lifted in countries less fortunate than my own, frotteurs will find that many women will be eager to make close contact with others, even if they are strangers. I am pretty sure that for the last three months I have been experiencing a sort of post-covid bump. So sit tight, and hang in there. As guest said, there is hope, fellow humpers, there is hope!

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