small gathering

Work from home allowed people to move out of the city. one friend sold an apartment in downtown to get a huge place in the country. we were helping with revo, unpacking and simply giving company given their isnt much to do. there have been night when i drop her off at 1:30 am both smell like sweat and fucking tired and both have work at 8 am (this odour made both of us horny but we did nothing) It was pretty hectic for us (8 ppl). we would finish work, drive 50km out of the city help with reno/settling in at their new house. Drive 50km back home sleep and work and repeat the whole process. After about 5 days place looked custom to our choice.

we all decided to have a party total about 11 people. My friend guy who’s house we reno, his wife and her 22 yrs old sister. And 5 guys and 3 girls we all work from same office.

Everyone super friendly and like family. X (one i’ve grabbed) is a 5’8 sexy girl from madrid. All guys were back yard drinking smoking and talking. I came inside to use the washroom and I see all the girls dancing macarena. They turned light off and had these cool neon club light we had just installed. X looked so hot, having so much fun and she was also super drunk. All the girls saw me walking up to X and X thought im coming behind her to do the macarena dance. Nope!! It was a Plam, Squeeze and Hold. This is what i remember. I place my plam on her left cheeks. Ms.X felt my plam on her butt the second i placed it there. I’m typing here thoughts based in what i felt from our body chemistry ( wow Z is being bold alright, yay i empowered him im feeling good). Took me about 3 seconds to progress to squeezing that soft amazing cheek. oh sooo goood. People are still dancing having so much fun. All the girls see me behind her but cant see whats happening. On the 4 seconds mark Ms. X her dance coordination is little off from group (thoughts: oh what, i’m too drunk why, no he is more drunk, hmmm confused). From the tips of my fingers to core of her deep muscle tissue took me about 3 more seconds to get to. Man having all her sexy fat in the palm of my hand was something else. From 7 seconds onward was the “Hold” phase the inner ego of mine said im the king. I own this ass, i will use it for my pleasure, you do what my dick please. X cut this phase short to about 2 seconds (thoughts: HEEYYY, wtf! no wrong, did anyone see this, dont be the scene creator). Now her dance steps are completely off. She stopped for 2 seconds at look at me in the deep in my eyes. Her face was sooo cute, she had a submissive face with a confused look. Her lips were glittering wet. I could tell she was bitting her lips hard for the last 6 seconds or so. We left the car over at friends house uber back home. She was sitting beside me. We did not talk for entire 30 minutes ride back. We were acting cool with other 2 in the car but between me and her mad tension. Mine was sexual but pretty sure her wasnt

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