No New Stories to Tell, but...

The current situation where I live hasn't changed at all, so I got nothing new to tell. But I did want to say something else. I know there have been guys on this site in the past that didnt believe in "players", or that not many women were. But I was thinking (reminiscing) about all the players I've come (cum) up against! Man, some of them I would gladly buy a dinner as a thank you! I've had em all kinds of ways: had one young one that not only liked it in her ass, but turned around and pretended to be "trying" to see someone behind us, while I planted my raging boner in her pussy! That was a nasty, nasty girl! Then there was the tall blonde in the daisy dukes....OMG! We were glued to each other by the tight crowd in front of the stage. It was hot as hell and no one could move. I'm a little bit shorter than her and I've got handfuls of her bare ass and thigh and there's not a word from her other than to complain about the long wait for the next band. I'm keeping quiet, but every now-and-then I mumble in agreement. Finally I see that she's okay with my fondling her, so I take it further- I take it out and plant it against her smooth thigh. I rub it across her thigh until it slips against her sweaty skin- then the other way. I notice a smirk on her face- she's quiet now, apparently enjoying this new reality. That continued until the band came on, then I increased the speed until I nutted all over her thigh! A player if there ever was one!
There are so many stories of players that I could go on and on. One of the best was a twofer: a couple of lesbians, hand-in-hand, let me rub against their tightly clenched hands for almost 2 hours back in the '90's at a huge festival. They HAD to know it was a dick, unless I happened to get two retards! My dick was bouncing across their knuckles, even my sweaty sac! Oh yes I was against them bare! I'm so worked up thinking about those times that I'm drooling to return to those days. Let's beat Covid so we can beat our dicks against these sluts!

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