Recent protest

I was at another protest recently and it was another amazing success, there’ll be some vids on my xhamster soon ;).

I had three standouts. The first was a MILF in a Green skirt, man. From the moment I pressed into her she didn’t even flinch. She just bent over and sat that fat booty in my lap. I only had to eventually move because cops attempted to disperse the crowd.

The second one was another milf. Man, this one was in love with the cock, I got her TWICE. The first time was for about 30 minutes. I was testing the waters, just lightly rubbing my cock on her at first, and she didn’t even flinch. But when I really pressed into her hard, with my cock in between her crack, and her asscheeks on my thighs, she started to really ride me. I felt her first push back even more, then she would do this move where she would move to the right, dragging her soft booty all over my dick, then she would move it back and go up or down. Man, I was rolling my eyes and losing under my breath.

Other times she would bring her ass up and just press it back. After like half and hour of my cock throbbing, her gyrating that soft booty all over my cock, there was a major incident in the crowd and we had to move. When moving she actually said “thank you for looking after me”. I couldn’t believe it.

After some time I saw her so I came back AGAIN. There was so much space to her right but I just got right behind her and held onto the barricade, she didn’t care at all. Now, where she was this time had unlevel footing, so what I had to do was stand on lower ground and raise my legs UP, like I was doing doggystyle with one foot on the bed. God, it meant that my cock was kinda under her, pressing right near the bottom of her pussy lips. I could feel the warmth of her body all over my cock and her legs all over the inside of my thighs. It was so sensual.

I kept doing this thing where I would press hard into her, come all the way out, and come back in. And every time I’d hear her take a real deep breath. This woman was seriously in love with this dick. There were times I’d just press on her, and she’d take a step back and rest all her weight in between my legs. Fuck I’d missed doing this on the regular.

The last major success was another milf with a very very big booty. The moment I got on her she starting slowly shaking her booty on my stick. This woman’s ass was like jelly it was so soft. I had to press so deep to get in all the way while she slowly gyrated that phat ass right on my cock head. The only reason I didn’t come was because this was near the end of the day, and I was so exhausted from all the butt humping I was doing.

It’s interesting, I’m not seeing any other Chikans at the protests, but well, more meat for me LOOL.

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