Covid made it easier with schoolgirls (WARNING: she may be 15 years old)

Since the beginning of the pandemic I thought it would take a long time before I would cum against a schoolgirl again. But it’s actually easier than ever in my case.

School has started 2 weeks ago over here and some of them now have two schedules, grades 7-8-9 begin at 8:30 (the regular time) and grades 10-11-12 begin at 9:30. But extra buses are only based on the the 8:30 schedule, which is the time students used to start at, leaving about 400 kids in regular buses, and with a 20 minutes interval, they get packed very quickly.

It’s really easy to get away with groping these days since face covering is mandatory on public transport. I wear a mask with sunglasses and a hat, so it’s impossible to recognize me and I don’t stand out.

Last week I was waiting at a big intersection and about 50 kids were dropped off from other buses and were waiting for the one going to the school. I immediately noticed a shy Indian girl with perky tits and a fucking huge round ass. One of the biggest I’ve ever seen on a schoolgirl. It was eating her thin uniform pants showing how deep her crack was. I was already hard and was fucking her with my eyes. She caught me staring at her and got even more uncomfortable.

I boarded right behind her and other kids were pushing so my already hard dick ended up right in her deep crack and she had nowhere to go. My whole body was being pushed right in her. I was moaning in her ear and fucking her ass good and the slut wasn’t budging. Each bump and turn was making her big ass massaging my cock getting me closer to explode. And then a stop before the school I couldn’t hold it anymore I pushed so hard and I 4 high pressure spurt came out right in her crack. Men I was pushing so hard I’m sure she felt every spurt. There is no way she didn’t feel it. There is hope fellow Chikans there is hope!

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