RE: Chikan & Technology

Yeah cctv everywhere and people making videos and uploading them is completely ruining it for everybody. I could have taken a million upskirt and frott videos of my targets over the years but I don't have time to masturbate over them and even if I did I would rather be out there making new chikan opportunities. Also why leave digital footprints and evidence of shit, just for others to jack off over??? Lame...

When I was at university I used to frott girls in lunch lines, ticket lines, inside campus shops and when entering/exiting lecture halls as well as ANY crowded situation. A hand or a stiff dick in their asses was always assumed to be somebody's bag tapping them, the girls NEVER assumed they were being groped or frotted.

These days it's FUCKED. I went through a university campus for some chikan fun a few months before lockdown and every where you look CCTV cameras are installed. When you finally fucking find a chikan situation and test the waters the bitches are flinching/jumping/alert in an instant. They're all so hyper aware now it's fucking useless in the day.

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