Future Chikan Experiences

I know that right now things are screwed as far as our game goes. But have any of you thought about what it could be like 2-3 years out? I was reading a bunch of stories concerning the present and I came up with this.
Right now everybody is focused on the pandemic, but it's not gonna last forever, and it's not the only big news-thing that's going on. But with the temperatures heating up and fires breaking out, especially out west, it's apparent that the climate is warming up big-time.
Regardless of why (everyone has an opinion) the fact is it's getting hot as hell- everywhere. If this continues and we get back to festivals, think of how nasty thats gonna be! I thrive on summer festivals and scantily clad targets. We're being deprived right now, but in the long run things might get really good for us. There might be a "happy ending" in all of this madness! Let's keep our fingers crossed!

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