Chikan & Technology

I agree that in the long run chikan videos have been bad for the game. We all love to look at a good one, but as said they have raised the level of awareness about chikan activity. When it was all about story telling only, there could be a lot of skepticism about veracity, including from women themselves. There's no way that happened! But then when the video trend started years ago showing dicks out and cum spurted all over dresses, skirts, shorts, and yoga pants! In buses, at concerts, in clubs, at bars and wherever. Now all of sudden the uninitiated knew what was up. That this talk is true! True stories. And a lot of them too. With all the videos all over the internet now, the news is out and the game is well-known. It's not up, but it's known. And in the end for what? As Red Dragon said, who has admittedly posted videos at times himself, for the sake of vanity. And occasionally for greed too since once in a while somebody gets the idea they're going to start making money by selling their videos to people. I don't do videos. I don't have any stories to tell. Maybe I will next year.

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