Re cctv, technology

There used to be no cctv on buses where i live. It is only in last 7 years that they have installd everywhere. Inside the buses and on the premises of bus stops. I also don't like these chikan shooting themselves and uploading on porn sites. In the long run it will only undermine the chikans. Those clips are used by feminists and other like minded people to create awareness about groping. The university girls in my country have become smart through awareness programs regularly conducted in schools educating them about pervert things like touching, groping, flashing in public. That was not the case 10 years ago. That's all happening because chikans are not thinking about the long run. I don't understand why shoot a video and upload it. It gets circulated around creating awareness. It also make more chikans in the world. Do we really want a world where competition is more and awareness is high?

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