korean girls never react to chikan ?

I remember once at a movie premier i spotted a korean girl with her mother leaning over the barriers. I instantly got a boner as her daugher was wearing yoga pants. Without wasting anytime I got behind her and began sniffing the girls hair.

It smelled raw like it had not been washed. The smell indicated that she was a tourist girl. The sight of her plum peachy arse in yoga pants got me too excited.

I immediately pressed my boner into her plum arse slowly it melted my body melted into her body like we were glued together as one.

My first feelings were this korean girl never reacted she kept on talking to her mother like nothing was going on.

I got more bold and gripped the railings on the barrier and pulled myself hard against her, gauging her reaction.

Bizzare ? still no reaction. She was still acting like nothing was going on. I gripped the rails harder and pulled myself harder and harder against her body.

I breathed in her ear WTF WAS going on she was not reacting. By this time I was sweating all over it was summer time temperatures in London that time were in their 40s.

Oh fuck this i thought. I pushed my head foreward kissed her hair licked it breathed in her ear really loud. Then moved my lips to the based of her neck and kissed her neck a few times. Then moved away

I was so fucking horny after that and went to the public toilets to masturbate off. As i came out of the toilet i saw the girl with her mother walking towards me she still had an expressionless look on her face.

Can any chikans explain why she never reacted to my humping kissing or touching ? i was so fucking aggressive.

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