Buses, Question for BigT

There is no doubt that you can get away with a lot of crazy stuff on buses. I remember 15 years ago humping to orgasm the shoulder of a woman who was sitting with an empty seat next to her, meaning that she could easily have moved away from me if she wanted to. Most women in that situation will move around, but occasionally you will find one who stays put.

BigT, when you were working the buses between ages 14 and 18, did you favour any particular age group? Did you go mainly for milfs, or did you concentrate on girls your own age? I also operated on the buses between ages 14 and 18 and I favoured full-grown women. Office workers in their twenties used to drive me crazy. I also remember doing a few nurses in unifrom. I found that many of these adult women did not object to going with me, even though from my school uniform it was clear to them that I was underage.

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