Re: Blackie & Guestz - Strip Clubs

When I went to strip clubs a lot, my preference was to patronize clubs offering "bed dances". For a bed dance, you go to a private room and lay on a bed, and the girl rubs and grinds all over you. My favorites would routinely let their panties ride to the side fully exposing their tingly pussy lips and ass cracks. I would wear something with no underwear that was really thin so as not to irritate their skin from all of that rubbing, and that would allow for virtually bare contact. Only some thin material separating my dick from their pussies and butt cheeks. Rubbing and grinding and humping away we would go, with a session going for an hour.

That's what I would pay for (about $90 plus a small tip if good), and my favorites always made me cum at the end! The best of the best was this super hot white girl brunette who went by "Ginger". Man was she good, working it in all kinds of positions! I think the favorite position for both of us was when she would lay back on top of me with her butt right in my crotch. It was like I was fucking her in the butt, and I would notice that her nipples would always go rock hard. This is how I would usually cum during my bed dances with Ginger too. With my dick dug deep up in between her exposed stripper girl ass cheeks. But where else for a budding butt fucker chikan?

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